To Rule in Hell

Chapter 4

Interrogating a Brother


Socks’ Socks

Meeting with the group and the comrade. The book isn’t familiar to him. The smart one, the hidden one, the deluded one, and Rev work on figuring out the book. Many strange languages. We decide to get the man who escaped. I’m told to watch the man’s son.


Journal Entry 4

This book we have located is an interesting and frustrating endeavor in trying to learn the mind of the God-Machine. I hope that in studying the fashion by which Infrastructure is created I may learn some secret to its destruction; perhaps an easier or more complete way to obliterate these constructs.

I have encountered the woman who seemed to recognize me from Comrade West’s organization. Jenny Holowitz. I believe she must be one of these “stigmatics” I have heard of, that can perceive the more hidden aspects of the world. She may have some tie to all of this, as she also knows Roanoke, and I am disinclined to believe in coincidence. I will need to investigate her involvement further.

Dr. Roanoke


Recieved a phone call from the Reverend and then we all met up at the funeral home.

I found out more information about Brother David Michael Ramirez II and the Free Masons. We came up with a plan to get information from him on Thursday evening. I then went and talked to West and he gave me a Pact that will grant me a job. I’m curious how he will use this against me in the future. After I decided to go look for the street artist I met the other day. Nothing of note was gathered.

I helped the Reverend prepare for Thursday. It was my job to turn off the power to the block.

The Reverend has stabbed David in the leg. I didn’t think it would go this far. I did all I could to save him. We altered the events to make it as if we weren’t there.


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