To Rule in Hell

Chapter 3

The Fires of Masons


Socks’ Socks

I took a sock from the men they killed. The symbol is so different. A knock at my door. It is aggressive and rough. It might be one of the men who Comrade West introduced us to.

It’s rev. The one who killed. He says he needs my help. We go to a building. It has the same emblem. Rev tries to unlock the door but he’s bad at it. I turn off the security and get us inside. I don’t know what we are looking for but I keep memorizing names, numbers, addresses. When I check the hall and in a closet there is a mass of Infrastructure. All the information Rev told me finally makes sense. These humans are meddling with the God-Machine and must be stopped. We continue to search for information.

There is a mee office at the end of a hallway. Once inside, I search for something hidden… The desk. It has a book filled with God-Machine schematics and strange writings. Rev wants to destroy this place. I agree.


Journal Entry 3

We have located a grimoire detailing the process used in the creation of Infrastructure. This explains all of the new instances of it we have all been discovering. The Masons think it the word of God, handed down by their superiors. I suspect the intervention of one of the God-Machines Angels in this.

Rev’s casual callousness still shocks me. his off-handed violence, but it still seems appropriately focused on the task at hand. I am still wary of him, but he does seem honest enough in his intentions and actions.

David may be more on the side of the Fallen than the God-Machine. His zeal in the destruction of Infrastructure supports this, but he still has more respect than fear for the God-Machine than I think is wise.

— The Unseen One


Briathos’ Thoughts

I was unable to discover the nature of these new pieces of Infrastructure. Left with only one lead, I chose to return to the Freemason’s Lodge and the lone-survivor.

I decided to bring the transient with me as she would be the least likely to arouse attention. Together we investigated the building and though we found less than I would like, we did made off with a religious text seemingly used to create the various pieces of Infrastructure. In addition, there was even more complex Infrastructure.

Whatever took place in this building could not be allowed to transgress any longer. I made sure it wouldn’t. Now I have a new lead. i need only to find someone who can decipher it.


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