To Rule in Hell

Chapter 2



Socks’ Socks

The comrade spoke of some Infrastructure, but I don’t want the Machine noticing me. Why would we attract that attention.

I leave and wander for a bit, but am approached. They ask me to help the strangers I met. Suddenly violence and hurt. I chase but they get away, except for some.

The funeral home people let me have a bed but say that there is more Infrastructure. The strangers head there, and I go with. There doesn’t seem to be anything for we here. I head back to the home to sleep.


Journal Entry 2

My “companions” natures continue to elude me in their entirety but I have gathered enough to deal with them appropriately. The one called “Rev” is a creature of startling violence and stony calm. I would think him a mere cudgel for the God-Machine if not for his surprising acuity on some things. He is not to be underestimated. The seemingly homeless woman with a predilection for socks confuses me, for I doubt one so simple could survive for long on the run, but I have seen little to indicate otherwise. She is very lucky or very canny. I do not trust her even as little as I do Rev. Lastly, I have dealt with one called “David”. This man worries me greatly. It would appear that he is an outcast like we other Fallen, but to hear him speak of the God-Machine, it is not the talk of a runaway slave. I have to wonder if he has truly thrown off his shackles or if he is just pausing in his duties to admire the craftsmanship? He still shows respect and fear to the auspices of the God-Machine and so I know he is no fool, but if Angels are sent to gather us all up (as I fear they might with so many of us together) will he fight them, or welcome them? I hope I am wrong but I will not risk my liberty for it. I am glad to have a puzzle to solve in these symbols about the city. Perhaps I can glean something of the God-Machines intent from their placement? I must think on this…

— The Unseen One


Briathos’ Thoughts

I must not underestimate my enemy. My desire to see the world cleansed of His presence has made me reckless. That’s all well and good. That makes me dangerous – unpredictable. But if I am to ever deal Him a killing blow I must better understand that which wasn’t meant to be understood.

we came upon two pieces of Infrastructure today. Had I learned their purpose I would be closer to destabilizing, and eventually, destroying the God-Machine. My rage caused me to act rashly and destroy them. Fortunately, these seem to show no signs of slowing down in their appearances. Another has already appeared. I will exercise restraint going forward.

The same cannot be said for His minions. If you choose to ally yourself with Him then you will not live to regret it.


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